Joey Interior Scooter
and Power Chair Lift

suv with platform to lift scooter

Discover Effortless Mobility with Bruno's Joey Lift

Effortless Loading: The Joey lift makes it easy to transport your scooter or power chair. Simply drive onto the platform, press a button, and watch as your mobility device is smoothly lifted and securely stored in your mini-van or full-sized van.

Unmatched Safety and Performance: Engineered for safety, the Joey lift ensures a reliable and secure transport every time. Its precision engineering guarantees outstanding performance, giving you peace of mind during every journey.

User-Friendly Design: Designed with simplicity in mind, the Joey lift is incredibly easy to use. Its intuitive operation means anyone can handle it, making the transportation of your mobility device hassle-free.

suv with platform to lift scooter

Experience the ease and safety of transporting your mobility device with Bruno's Joey lift, the perfect solution for effortless mobility.


  • Fully-powered, one-button operation
  • Compact design allows for second row seating in most applications
  • Self-leveling platform for slightly uneven surfaces
  • Easy drive on/off platform with traction coating
  • Securement straps and obstruction safety sensing
  • Manual backup for peace of mind
  • No scooter or powerchair modifications
  • Optional industry exclusive safety barrier prevents mobility device from entering passenger area during sudden stops
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle


  • Lift capacity: 350 lbs/159 kg
  • Vehicle compatibility: Go to MobilityMatcher
  • Maximum mobility device width: 28 in/71 cm
  • Maximum mobility device wheelbase: 40 in/102 cm
  • Installed weight: 175 lb/80 kg
  • Vertical travel: 27 in/68 cm
  • Installation depth: 44 in/112 cm
  • Installed weight w/o Swing-Away: 50 lb/23 kg
  • Installed weight w/Swing-Away: 87 lb/39 kg
  • Hitch height: 9 in/23 cm to 18 in/46 cm
  • Overall height: 43 in/109 cm
  • Hitch type: Class I, II, III (receiver hitch required)
  • 3-year limited warranty

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suv with platform to lift scooter

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