Sunrise Fortress S700

Golden GC44D Mobility Scooter

S700 - Now in-stock and ready to be ridden.

The Fortress S700 motorized vehicle for mobility is the leader among its contemporaries due to its remarkable outdoor performance characteristics. It is, without a doubt, a motorized vehicle intended for individuals who are incapable of remaining stationary.

mobility scooter on rough road

A MEDmobility Choice Product

S700 mobility scooter at MEDmobility

Tested in the pot holed alleys of Edmonton :D

Indulge in a more comfortable and satisfying driving experience every time with the S700's comprehensive and cutting-edge suspension system. Each wheel possesses its own unique and independent suspension, providing you with the ultimate level of comfort over any terrain, whether you're navigating city streets or traversing more rugged landscapes. You can rest assured that every bump and obstacle encountered will be expertly smoothed over.

Yes, at MEDmobility we have tested the S700 in various road conditions. This Sunrise Fortress scooter is a winner that excels in all the conditions we have tested it in.

Need proof? Come on down a take it for a test drive. Leave the showroom and parking lot, venture over the pot holes and gravel on our side streets. Come back with a smile.

sunrise fortress scooter on soft dirt

We had to try the scooter here. : )

Here are some specifications and technical details.

S700 mobility scooter at MEDmobility

Sunrise Fortress S700

  • Max Speed 15 km/h (9.3 mph)
  • Max. User Weight 159 kg. (350 lbs.)
  • Max Battery Capacity 75 Amps (GP24)
  • Charger 8 A off-board
  • Max. Potential Range* 55 km (34 miles)
  • Deluxe LED Light Package Yes
  • Easy Adjust Tiller & Throttle Control Yes
  • Suspension Deluxe Front & Rear Suspension (Front Independent suspension)
  • Tires 13" pneumatic
  • Overall Width / Length 66 cm / 149 cm (26" / 59")
  • Seat Width x Depth 48 cm x 48 cm (19" x 19")
  • Seat Height Range 45 cm - 50 cm (18" - 20")
  • Minimum Turning Distance 2.2 m (7 feet)
  • Colour Carbon Metallic Grey
  • Scooter Weight w/ Batteries 75 Amp 320 lbs. inc. GR24
adjustable seat with Sunrise Fortress S700

The battery's substantial capacity ensures that the distance is not a concern. Moreover, the innovative suspension system with four wheels guarantees a more comfortable and worthwhile driving experience on every occasion.

The seatings will adjust comfortable to any size to safely accomodate the driver.

Sunrise Fortress S700 LED lights

Illuminate your path with powerful LEDs. The S700 mobility scooter is equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, making the lights an astounding 400 times more energy-efficient than conventional bulbs. This not only conserves battery power during every excursion, but also eliminates the need to frequently replace bulbs.

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