Improving Mobility Scooter Performance

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Factors That Will Affect Your Mobility Scooter's Performance.

Mobility scooter manufacturers have “Published” performance specifications (Speed & Range). However your mobility scooter may never reach these specifications. So if you are planning a long day out it would be wise to factor in the following:

  1. Battery performance decreases when it gets colder. You can expect the range of your scooter to be more limited.
  2. Age of the battery - Older batteries are less capable of holding a full charge, so you cannot go as far.
  3. Tire inflation - If you have pneumatic tires, improper inflation can create more rolling resistance. Resulting in reduced range.
  4. Weight of the rider - Mobility scooters have stated weight capacities. The closer you are to the maximum published weight, the less performance you will receive.
  5. Incline of road or path - Lots of hills in your area? You can expect the motor will have to work harder and it will consume more energy.
  6. Condition of driving surface - Again this creates more rolling resistance. Example: Gravel vs. Smooth asphalt.
  7. Frequency Of Charging - Following the instructions on charging is critical. Improper charging can quickly decrease the life of your battery.
  8. Size of the battery - When you purchase your mobility scooter, you can request (if possible) a larger battery be used in place of the manufacturer’s battery. The larger batteries will provide you with more range.

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