Rentals Of Home Medical Equipment

couple pushing mother in a wheelchair
couple pushing mother in a wheelchair


CategoryProductWeekMonthDayCleaning Fee/Item
Bathroom SafetyBath Seat$20.00$40.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyBath Seat w. Back$22.00$42.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyTub Transfer Bench$25.00$45.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyRaised Toilet Seat w. Arms$25.00$45.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyRaised Toilet Seat no Arms$20.00$40.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyToilet Safety Frame$20.00$40.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyTub Grab Bar/Safety Rail$20.00$40.00N/A$15.00
Bathroom SafetyPowered Bath Lift$80.00$275.00N/A$15.00
CommodesStationary Heavy Duty$30.00$50.00N/A$15.00
Transfer AidsM Bed Rail$20.00$60.00N/A$25.00
Transfer AidsSupport Pole$20.00$60.00N/A$25.00
Transfer AidsSupport Pole w. Arm$25.00$75.00N/A$25.00
Transfer AidsPower Floor Lift$100.00$350.00N/A$25.00
Transfer AidsSlings$20.00$60.00N/A$25.00
Transfer AidsPower Sit-To-Stand Lift$120.00$450.00N/A$25.00
Patient LiftFreestanding FS-1$100.00$350.00N/A$75.00
Patient LiftPortable Ceiling Lift$125.00$400.00N/A$75.00
Lift ChairLift Chair$100.00$300.00N/A$75.00
MobilityWheelchair Standard$35.00$100.00$15.00$15.00
MobilityWheelchair Bariatric$45.00$120.00$20.00$15.00
MobilityWheelchair Tilt/Recline$200.00N/A$15.00
MobilityElevating Leg Rest.$10.00$25.00N/A$15.00
MobilityCushion (incl. clean fee)$20.00$40.00N/A$15.00
MobilityMobility Scooter$125.00$375.00$25.00$15.00
MobilityWheelchair - Powered$125.00$375.00$25.00$15.00
MobilityKnee Cycle$40.00$125.00N/A$15.00
MobilityKnee Cycle - All Terrain$45.00$150.00N/A$15.00
MobilityWalker - Folding$20.00$65.00N/A$15.00
MobilityWalker (4 wheel. with seat, basket)$35.00$100.00N/A$15.00
RampsRamp 5’ Folding$40.00$125.00N/A$15.00
RampsRamp 6’ Folding$45.00$150.00N/A$15.00
RampsRamp 8’ Folding$50.00$175.00N/A$15.00
RampsRamp 10’ Folding$55.00$200.00N/A$15.00
RampsRamp 12’ Folding$60.00$200.00N/A$15.00
BedHospital Bed - Electric$100.00$300.00N/A

Home Medical Equipment Rentals

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rentals are to be returned to the MEDmobility south location.
  2. Commodes - Commode Pail must be purchased
  3. Beds - Note: The Set Up fee for the bed is $90, this includes delivery, set up, and pickup at the conclusion of the rental. Edmonton Area Only.
  4. Bath Safety Installation Fee $25 one item/ $45 for two or more items
  5. Security/Damage Deposits are required in the form of VISA/ MasterCard.
  6. Damage to equipment while on rental is the responsibility of the customer.
  7. Delivery and Pick-Up fees can be charged in addition to the rental costs.
  8. G. S. T. is applied to medical product rentals.
  9. There is a $15.00 cleaning fee on all rentals for 1 item, $30 for 2 or more items. Exceptions are lift chairs or other larger items.
  10. There is a fee of $65 for pick-up and delivery within the city limits.
  11. Contact us for a Quote on Out-Of- Town services.
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