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Is your bath becoming a distant memory due to safety concerns? Fear not! Introducing the MEDmobility Battery-Powered Bath Lifts – your ticket to blissful soaks without the worry.

Experience it for yourself with a FREE, no-obligation trial in the comfort of your home. The MEDmobility Bath Lift is yours from only $1399 – a small investment for the immense joy of bath time.

Call 780-437-300 or visit us today for your obligation-free trial. We believe in making your bathing dreams a reality!

Bonus: Discover if provincial funding agencies cover your MEDmobility Bath Lift. Your path to safe, soothing baths starts here!

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A bath lift is a solution for a person who now finds it too difficult to transfer in to or out of a bath tub.

The Bath Lift allows you to safely and easily transfer into or out of your bath. Best of all it will lower to the base of the tub which allows you to submerse more of your body to enjoy your bath.

Who can use a bath lift?

The Bath Lift is an ideal solution for home settings where a dignified, comfortable and relaxing bathing experience is needed. It is the ideal bathing aid for the elderly and those with limited mobility.

The Bath Lift needs no expensive bathroom alterations and can be removed when it’s not in use, making it a great, affordable alternative to a fully-fitted walk-in bath.

Contact us if you would like a no-obligation demonstration, or visit to see our displays at either of MEDmobility’s locations.

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