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Bruno Electra-Ride III Elite Curved Stair Lift

curved stairlift collage
curved stairlift collage
diagram of stairwells

Elite Curved Stair Lift

MEDmobility’s number one choice for a curved stairway. Our experience with the Curved Elite Stair Lift has been very positive for over 20 years. Bruno’s custom rail is manufactured specifically for the rise and curves of your stairway. Each piece is custom produced for your home.

Our technicians require an hour to use a special computer program. Photographs are taken of the stairway with special removable markers. The computer analyzes the position of the markers relative to the stairs and is then able to calculate the degree of rise and curve required.

The custom rail allows the installers to more easily provide an easy installation, a smoother quieter ride, and a nicer finished appearance.

The price is still competitive, and MEDmobility would be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

The factors which influence the price of the curved stair lift is set by the following:

  • Not all curves and angles on stairways are similar. Because of this each stair rail must be custom manufactured specific to the angles and length of the stairway. The tolerances are critical as being out a few millimetres can result in the poor performance of the stairlift
  • The aluminum rail is not “bent” for the curves, but is manufactured with an extrusion process to improve the fit to your home. The process of the rails custom extrusion results in a smoother, quiter ride.
  • Fewer components mean less service issues and a longer life expectancy for the rail.
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