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Verticle Platform Lifts For Wheelchairs and Scooters

porch wheelchair lift
porch wheelchair lift

Wheelchair Lifts Are Convenient and Compact

When you need access to your home a porch lift may be the best solution. These wheelchair platform lifts will raise you and your wheelchair to safe height so you can easily enter your home.

The wheelchair lift takes up less space than a conventional ramp, and is more attractive. It is also easier to use independently than having to wheel yourself up an incline when there is snow on the ramps surface.

With today’s costs for materials and labour a wheelchair porch lift is now more practical, often the costs between the ramp and lift are similar, and the porch lift can also be sold if you decide to change residences. Residential wheelchair lifts raise you from the ground up and are easy to install. The compact design of a Trus-T-Lift™ is an attractive alternative to cumbersome ramps, which take up significant living space. A home wheelchair lift is an affordable solution and quickly puts you back in control without having to invest in costly home renovations.

  • Lifting Capacity - Up to 750lb.
  • Control System - Simple and easy to use.
  • Efficient Design - Electrical systems, and electrical motor is easy to access for repair.
  • Limited or No Pit Required – Easier and less expensive installation.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Design - to handle both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Machine Roomless (MRL) - all the equipment for the Trus-T-Lift™ is contained.
  • No Hydraulics! - Less mess and down time.

The process to get a lift is easy. It also can be a quick and simple to have one installed.

  1. Contact MEDmobility to request an assessment for a porch lift
  2. Our product consultant will meet with you to discuss the stair lift and take preliminary measurements.
  3. Our installation team will make an appointment with you to set up a convenient time to install your lift.
  4. Spend some time with a MEDmobility staff member to learn how to operate the stairlift, and understand the safety features
  5. Say goodbye to the challenge of those stairs.

Funding?, you may qualify. Our product consultant can help direct you to the resources available.

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