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Wheelchair Specification Forms
Effective October 1, 2018

The wheelchair spec. sheets are organized by manufacturer. The Tabs will allow you to switch between the Manual & Power models that are on the current list of products allowed by the AADL program.

AADL: These are the spec. sheets from the AADL site with MEDmobility's imprint.

Note Edmonton Zone Seating Link is here.

REF: These spec sheets are from the manufacturer and are not suitable for AADL submissions and are for reference. They provide information on configurations, and options that would be payable only by the client.


Ki Mobility

Maple Leaf

Motion Composites




Power Plus


For more information please refer to the AADL website: Ordering Wheelchairs - AADL Process.

The following is from their website at:

"4. Tables on the standardized spec sheets on manufacturer’s website

The manufacturer spec sheets on the AADL website do not include additional tables. If you need the complete tables with the spec sheets, they are available on each manufacture’s website. The manufacturer, as product expert, will reference the tables when consulting on configuration requirements.

When the therapist determines the base measurements, such as seat and back width, depth and seat to floor height, the manufacturer will assist in determining which components are required to configure the wheelchair to your client’s needs."

"9. Check off all required spec sheets options

In most cases, if spec sheets options are not checked off, they will be omitted. For example if you do not check off the seatbelt or grade aid under other options, they will be omitted.

• If you miss an option that is integral to the wheelchair such as casters, the form will not be processed.

Ensure you check off all items that are necessary for the wheelchair to function. Vendors will be responsible to ensure the spec sheets submitted to the manufacturer are complete and include all components necessary to configure the wheelchair as ordered."

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