Getting into or out of a bath tub can be challenging. The tub surface is slippery and it may be difficult to hold onto any kind of transfer bar.

When you are a senior safety is a major concern when bathing. Many older adults do not want to give up the warm soothing waters which are beneficial for those with muscle pains or stiff joints.

A solution to this is the bath lift. This product allows you to safely and easily transfer into or out of your bath. Best of all it will lower to the base of the tub which allows you to submerse more of your body to enjoy your bath.

Once you are finished, the bath lift will raise you to the same height as the tub and with a simple and stable transfer you can exit your tub.

MEDmobility has models that you can examine and test before purchase.

Woman using bath lift

Bath Lift Features:

  • Allows you easy and safe access to and from your tub.
  • Economical, you continue to use your current tub.
  • You can leave the tub at any time, no need to get cold waiting for the water to drain.
  • No side doors to leak and damage your home.
  • May be covered by some programs.


Neptune Bath Lift

The Neptune Reclining Bath Lift is ideal for people who have extra positioning requirements. Weighing only 21 lbs, the Neptune Reclining Bath Lift is the lightest reclining lift on the market.

Aquatec Series

Aquatec Bath Lift

Bathe comfortably with the Aquatec series of bath lifts. These lightweight lifts have the lowest minimum seat height in the industry.